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Typhoon Trami

After dithering about in the Pacific for a few days, it’s decided to head directly at us. Wreaking havoc on the plans we hoped to have good weather for this week.

Click the photo to head over to the Central Weather Bureau’s English page on the storm. Info there is updated more slowly than the Chinese page, but you’ll get the idea.


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The power’s flickered twice in the past fifteen minutes and the wind is roaring outside. Lying in bed listening to the plastic around the AC unit make crinkly sounds. 

So glad we have no reason to go outside tomorrow. 

Follow the storm’s progress on the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau (link takes you to the English site, which isn’t updated as often as the Chinese) or Google’s crisis map.

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Truth is, my arms are a little sore today from hanging on up there for over an hour yesterday. Photo kindly snapped by a member of the Taiwanese Presbyterian church I attend.

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Who are the Taiwanese?

Taken at the National Museum of Taiwan History in Tainan county.

Text reads:
People from all parts of the world who once visited Taiwan used different languages to name this island and its inhabitants. But how do those who live there regard themselves? Taiwan is composed of different ethnic groups with disparate languages and cultures. Thus the term “Taiwanese” is a form of self affirmation impossible to define with a particular language or ethnicity. All those who identify with and are concerned about Taiwan, who love and accept Taiwan, and who wish to live together in this land can declare with a loud voice “I am a Taiwanese.”

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Say hi to super typhoon Jelawat, which will soon say hi to us! 

Keep track of the typhoon’s progress at the wonderful Central Weather Bureau website.  With luck, it will skirt the island to the east and not hit us directly.  Even so, heavy rains and winds are predicted for tomorrow and Saturday.  Keep Okinawa in your thoughts and prayers, it’s supposed to directly hit the islands.

Some other links:

Weather Underground Jelawat site

NASA’s Jelawat info


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