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As I browsed the market last week in search of the best market shirts as gifts for friends of mine in America, something fascinating happened.

A woman came up to me and asked me to read the shirt she wanted to buy. Specifically, she explained, she liked it and wanted to buy it for her teenage daughter, but she didn’t want it to say anything bad in English.

The shirt was covered entirely in text taken from something about architecture and design at the University of Nottingham. After I skimmed it, I explained it as best I could. Seemed good enough for her. We chatted about how one can find some really good deals on clothes at the market so long as one looks carefully. After she asked me to read a second shirt, we talked a little more about her daughter. I left to go explore another vendor’s offerings before I became the market English consultant or got caught taking photos of only the weirdest clothes.

Like these:





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My neighborhood market truly never disappoints.

Piles of fresh mangoes:

A tablecloth vendor:

25nt hair accessories on one side, fresh fish on the other.

And the best one of all, which I wasn’t daring enough to photograph…

A women’s undergarment and shape wear stall. Presided over by a young man (late 20s?) with a ponytail on the top of his head, the sides and back shorn. He wore Hawaiian print board shorts and… no shirt. He yelled rather loudly about the superiority of his wares.

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No, not the fancy kind of marketing people get degrees in.

The crowded mass of color and shapes crammed on the street in the photo below shows the entrance to our nearby market.

The market is a mix of permanent and rotating vendors, some with storefronts, some with stands, others just with wheeled carts. It’s different every time I go through and I love it!

Jade-like jewelry and charms next to steamed buns:

Fresh fish, pork, and books:

Hello Kitty shaped soup balls:

More ugly shoes than you could wear in a lifetime:

Bins of fresh vegetables and fruits:

And my favorite, a mani/pedi/eyebrow shaping next to a butcher’s stand, with other kinds of makeovers on the 2nd floor:

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