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Typhoon Trami

After dithering about in the Pacific for a few days, it’s decided to head directly at us. Wreaking havoc on the plans we hoped to have good weather for this week.

Click the photo to head over to the Central Weather Bureau’s English page on the storm. Info there is updated more slowly than the Chinese page, but you’ll get the idea.


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Sorry if the lack of updating makes it seem like we blew away!

The worst of the typhoon, for us in Taipei, came during late night-early morning hours of Friday & Saturday. Although we slept through it, it wasn’t great sleep. I dreamt of water pouring into the living room and of moving to sleep in the guest room because of the noise, although neither happened. We gave up on sleep soon after dawn. When the wind quieted down by late morning, I fell asleep again, without really intending to, and slept again until 1pm.

The wind was still gusting periodically and there were sudden, short downpours, so we stayed inside.

I did briefly go up on the roof to survey the damage I knew would be waiting up there. Our landlords keep excess furniture and potentially useful junk up there under a covered area. It looked like this:
which explains some of the huge crashes we heard through the night.

Sunday morning I headed out again and saw more of the destruction.

Trash trucks were already out cleaning up the many branches that had come down.



The trees really do bear the worst of the damage. Here’s a one totally knocked over that Gene & I saw on our abbreviated hike earlier this afternoon.

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The power’s flickered twice in the past fifteen minutes and the wind is roaring outside. Lying in bed listening to the plastic around the AC unit make crinkly sounds. 

So glad we have no reason to go outside tomorrow. 

Follow the storm’s progress on the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau (link takes you to the English site, which isn’t updated as often as the Chinese) or Google’s crisis map.

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Here we wait for a storm bigger than this entire country.
Picture 10

The light plants are indoors on the back porch, where they look really nice but would die from lack of sunshine if left there for good.

We have 24L of drinking water, enough for 4-5 days, and perhaps double that amount of tap water in buckets and bottles in case city water supplies are compromised. The fridge is the fullest it’s ever been (including 10 mangoes, I have my priorities straight here). I even got ice, just in case the power’s out for an appreciable length of time.

I taped plastic bags around the one air conditioner that might get direct gusts of wind, in case the styrofoam and tape around the unit don’t hold.

I cleaned out the gunk from around the drains on the building’s roof, so hopefully they won’t back up and then leak water down into our place.

The clouds above are racing past, but the wind down at building height remains minimal. I wonder how much we’re defended from it by the hills and mountains at our back. We’ve had a few brief, heavy rain showers since 6:30 this morning, but lasting no more than 5 minutes each. The clouds, however, have finally overcome the brilliant sunshine that glared down on me earlier today when I went out on the last run of errands.

Yesterday morning, the typhoon was predicted to hit sometime in the early hours of Friday. By yesterday evening, that had clearly changed. Theoretically it’s making landfall on the east coast right about now, but it’s slowed from moving at 25km per hour this morning to an even more leisurely 20kph. It’s coming in its own sweet, lumbering time.

I feel like I’ve been holding my breath all day, anticipating the rain and gusting wind that I know will hit soon. But not quite yet.

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Say hi to super typhoon Jelawat, which will soon say hi to us! 

Keep track of the typhoon’s progress at the wonderful Central Weather Bureau website.  With luck, it will skirt the island to the east and not hit us directly.  Even so, heavy rains and winds are predicted for tomorrow and Saturday.  Keep Okinawa in your thoughts and prayers, it’s supposed to directly hit the islands.

Some other links:

Weather Underground Jelawat site

NASA’s Jelawat info


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